Mountains are amazing. They are furnished by hidden hands of nature. They utter unspoken message that would leave you astounded. Though they are high and complex, their beauty awes the people. Mysteries for the searching souls are deep within them.

It had been my desire to surmount Mt. Batulao since I started loving mountains and their verdant peaks until I got this opportune day.

My friend and I decided to conquer Mt. Batulao on the 5th of August. We went there with bravery and a very little notion about what awaited us.

Mt. Batulao (Rolling hills)

  • Location: Nasugbu, Batangas
  • Difficulty level: 4/9
  • Height: 811+ MASL
  • Features: Open trail, 60 to 70 degree assault and grassland.

We rode a DLTB bus from Taft going to the major jump off (Evercrest). Bus fare is Php 111.00. We left at about 2:40AM and we arrived at the Evecrest at 4AM. It was still too dark that time and no one else was around (It was weekday) except us which made us a bit dubious. Upon arriving, we hired a tricycle to bring us to the registration area (fare is Php 100.00).

After having ourselves registered, we hired a guide since we were first timers (Guide is not necessary if there are plenty of people.). We started the hike at about 5AM. Since it was still dark, I had a hard time walking on the rocky ground; I used my phone as a source of light. It was too cold as well.

We continued the hike until the daylight started to broaden. We reached the first peak at about 5:4AM. Since it rained the night before, the scenic view of Batangas was all covered by fog and smoke. It didn’t discourage us, though.

The first part of the trail was relatively easy and fit for beginners. It was an up-and-down walk with abundant grass alongside. ‘Twas sort of muddy due to rainfall.

We continued our assault with frequent stops to rest and take photos. I liked the atmosphere; the wind was quite refreshing. It completely took me out of the bustling noise of the city.

At 5:56AM, we reached the peak 5, and just a few steps, we could reach peak 6th peak.

We also reached the second registration where we paid environmental fee for Php 30.00. We stayed there for a moment whilst waiting for the fog to clear out. It was also a store where you could buy food and drinks. Right after such rest, we advanced and arrived at the first camp. No people were there. It was a flat-surfaced area with fresh grass on the edge. The area also had an overlooking view of neighboring mountains and hills.

Just a few steps from there, we could reach the second and the last camp. We met other people at the camp; they were the ones who stayed overnight. Aside from those mountaineers, we also met new friends (livestocks).

We resumed our joyful trek and yeah! we reached the 9th peak. There, we stayed for a few minutes to wait for the clearing of fog; that way we could see the picturesque view of Batangas province. 

Kami lang ng bag ko ang may forever. (Only me and my bag have forever.)
I so love this scene. Its greatness is completely overwhelming.

The very peak of Mt. Batulao dubbed as the camel’s back was clearly visible from the 9th peak. It seemed near and within a reach, but we had to treack more than 30mins to reach the summit.

It was where the trail got a bit harder (mostly upward and precipitous). The path also became narrower, allowing a single person to pass through. There were times that I almost slipped down the brink because of the treacherous stones. Good thing that our guide lent us hiking stick.

Mas mahirap pa din umakyat ng ligaw kesa umakyat ng bundok. Lol (To me it’s still harder to court someone than to climb a mountain.)

Kapit lang, bes. Malapit na sweldo. Haha (Keep holding on, buddy. The payday is near.)

Finally we reached the second to the last peak (11th peak). We opted to stay here for a little while to regain strength after such a hard assault. While I was in that place, I somehow tried to savor every moment and be with nature. The feeling was so relaxing; no stressful noise, no chaos, no worries; just pure freedom and comfort. The Creator is really good when He prepared and molded the nature for our own pleasure. It somehow reminded me of the scripture, Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me…” Psalms 23:4

Believe it or not, this is the trail from the foot. Amazing, isn’t it?

Glad to meet this pretty little princess of the greens.

Kudos! At exactly 8:15AM, we have reached the summit. All the efforts and energy are all worth it. The view of the verdant field from the very top was extremly astonishing. Indeed, nothing beats the unequivocal beauty of nature.

I remember William Blake’s quote, “Great things are done when men and mountain meet”.

We did not stay that long at the summit for it was about to rain, but we were very pleased with the weather. After taking some Instagram-worthy shots, we climbed down on the new trail. Our legs were getting crump-y that moment. I’ve been to several mountains already, and trekking down is usually harder than going up. 

We arrived at the foot of Mt. Batulao at about 10AM already. We took a rest at the nearest eatery and had our lunch as well. The meals were good at a very reasonable price (Php 60.00).

We had an awesome Mt. Batulao experience. Conquering the summit is not just about taking cool shots and beautiful sights, but a pride that will last a lifetime. Another achievement unlocked!

“Before the mountains were born Or You gave birth to the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God”. 

Psalm 90:2


  • 111.00 DLTB Bus from Taft to Evercrest (jump off)
  • 100.00 Tricycle from jump off to registration area.
  • 500.00 Guide fee (maximum of 5pax)
  • 30.00 Environmental fee

Fees and fares are based on the time of writing.

We capped our Mt. Batulao hike with an awesome water experience. Blog to be posted soon.