Paying bills and acquiring stuff aren’t only the reasons why we work; we live and work to explore and discover new things. Being in a corporate world has never been that easy –stress and pressure have become part of our daily routine. Thus, rewarding ourselves is never an issue.

After hitting the goals and delivering what was expected from us, our team decided to kick-off the summer. We had three weeks of preparation -thinking about which is which. After brainstorming, we ended up choosing a very popular beach in the province of Zambales; Anawangin Cove.

Anawangin cove is proximate to the mainland and accessible to people, making it famous among local travelers and beach junkies.


• Prior to departure, we chartered someone from Zambales who offered a package for Anawangin. She charged us Php 400.00/pax inclusive of; utensils, tents, two-way boat transfer, entrance fee and a bond of wood for cooking and bon fire. 

*You can contact Ms. Liezel  +63 917 380 9104 if you plan visit Anawangin Cove.

• We opted to go to our destination by a private van for our convenience. I searched on facebook for a van for hire. There, I met kuya Mango and his van named Stacey. 

*If you wish to hire his van, please reach him on his mobile  +63 917 916 1679.

Day 1

We left Manila for Zambales at around 3 in the morning, and arrived at San Antonio, Zambales at about 6:30AM. Since food was not included in the package, we bought raw food and other things that we would be needing in the beach. The beach is a remote place, so, you have to bring everything you need.

It was about 8:30AM when we left the town going to the jump-off point -Brgy. Pundaquit.

The weather granted us a safe boat ride from Pundaquit to Anawangin Cove. 

Our boat beached itself on the shore of Anawangin after a 45-minute traverse on a crystal clear ocean.

Everyone of us was welcomed by a clear and calm water of Anawangin.

I was amazed by the beauty of place. It was tranquill and bracing. Its shoreline was long with campsites from both ends. 

It was almost lunch time when we got there, so everyone immediately prepared for our lunch – everybody did a task.

Curious, I explored the other part of the beach (while others were busy prepping) trying to discover what lay beyond the healthy pine trees.

I was greatly surprized to see the picturesque views of Anawangin. I felt like it took me to New Zealand or somewhere in Europe.

And of course, I took this opportunity to take instagram-worthy photo shots which I thought mandatory. Haha 😂

“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness”. -John Muir
The beauty of the Lord manifests in His extravagant creations.

The place had a vast number of pine woods which is very impressive.

After a few hours of waiting, the lunch was ready. I ate a lot for I had little for breakfast.

What time is it? It’s swimming time! 

All were excited to deep in the fresh sea waters of Anawangin. Everybody enjoyed our time playing in the water.

“Work hard, play hard” That’s the term.

Pristine water, fresh sea breeze, cool ambiance and a sweet snack are a pefect mix for a win-win getaway!

“Banana Q” is Philippines’ traditional snack. (Fried banana with melted sugar)

As much as we wanted to stay in the water until the sun set, we had to get out and prepare for our dinner; we were all hungry, anyways.​

From the rising of the sun until its setting down, the name of the Lord is to be exalted.

We ate our dinner at about 8PM. We had grilled pork, sinigang na bangus, adobong manok and pancit.

After our alfresco dinner, everyone of us had his/her own way of killing time. Others played cards, some stayed in the tent for music and the rest had a few bottles of drink. I love a time like this when I am free to spend my time with no pressure and fuss.

We concluded our first day with a bright bon fire and s’mores. To me, island adventure is not complete without it. Haha!

Day 2

We woke up early to catch the sunrise, but the king of the universe rose on the other part. Nonetheless, the reflection of the sun on the water is simply amazing.

You are wrong if you think that beaching and camping are the only possible activities in Anawangin, for it also offers mountain climbing. At the end of the shoreline was a passage going up to the mountain sitting beside the beach.

The team can’t help but to try climbing the mountain and satisfy our wanderlust. Our assault started at about 6:30AM.

At the end of the trail, we were wowed by a breathtaking vista of Anawanging beach, mighty mountains, and infinite West Philippine Sea.

“If you have faith like a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain to move”.

Like a bird perching on a tree; free and happy.

The view was so astonishing. It, by all means, captivated my wandering heart. The marvelous mountains seemed to engulf us. The team sat down for awhile to savor every moment.

After our beatific time with the nature up above the gigantic hill, we trekked down to eat lunch, and to prepare for our departure as well.

A final dip before going back to reality.
Since selfies and groupies are already mandatory during travel, we took nice shots before we left the island.

The boat came back to fetch us. It was 12:30PM when we left the island.

It was indeed a memorable time with unspoiled nature. We had such a worthwhile time together as a team.


📍Bus from Cubao/Pasay to San. Antonio Zambales Php 150-200

📍Tricycle from San. Antonio market to Pundaquit Php 60

📍Boat from Pundaquit to Anawangin (Better to get a package and travel by group)

📍Island hopping Php 1,000-2,000

📍Cottage Php 350, Nipa Hut 2,500 (overnight)

📍Entrance fee (Day tour: Php 50 Overnight: Php 100)

📍Bring your own food or get a package.

Fees and prices are based on the time of writing.