Holyweek was fast approaching, and everybody was ready to spend their long weekend. Sadly, my friends and I weren’t able to plan for a trip due to tight schedules.

Anyhow, I told myself I had to go somewhere to unwind and make most of my long weekend even if I’d be alone. I reckoned of revisiting Batangas which is 3 hours away, however, I thought of trying other destinations too (I’ve been to Batangas several times). So, I went on the internet to begin the quest for a beach resort near Manila.

As I swiped and scrolled my phone’s screen trying to amass information and reviews, I saw (on Facebook) an itinerary for Ternate Beach in Cavite which is very proximate to metro, but it was only a night before when I made my final decision.

I packed my things, picked up my tent and traveled in solitude.


To enjoy my solo trip with an ample time, I left for Cavite at dawnbreak, and since it was Black Friday, I didn’t worry about delays in travel and traffic jams.

📍 From Farmers Cubao, ride a bus bound for Baclaran, and alight at Coastal Mall. (Php 45.00)

📍 Proceed to Coastal Mall Provincial Bus Terminal, and ride a bus going to Ternate Cavite. Disembark at Ternate Grand Terminal. (Php 81.00)

📍From the bus terminal, hire a tricycle to get to the resort. (Php 200.00) You can divide the fare in your group. In my case, I waited for other people with the same destination to lessen the fare.


Entering the resort, I went straight ahead to the registration area to pay for my entrance. I paid a day tour pass of Php 100.00.

Inasmuch pitching your own tent is allowed in the premise, getting a room or cottage was not in my plan (to lessen the cost). However, I was greatly surprised when they asked me to pay Php 300.00 just for a mere tent pitching, which to me was so unreasonable. I’ve been to many white sand beaches (the overrated ones) and some of them do not even ask for a fee for tent pitching.


I laughed in a secret as I overheared a group of guests murmuring to each other that they were victimized by “expectation vs. reality”. I somehow understood them because the photos posted (by a guest) on a travel Facebook page were kind of deceiving (over filtered as they said); the sand was yellowish and the water was clear. To set my expextations, I searched (prior to arriving) for the other photos on Google to get an inkling how the beach would look like.

In reality, the sand is gray and the water is brownish like a river water. In terms of maintainance, the resort is a good example of cleanliness – Trash bins were everywhere and janitors pick up trashes on shore every now and then.

No filter.

I don’t think it’s fair to give negative comments towards the color of the sand and water for it’s their nature and that’s how they are designed.


Aside from relishing the fresh sea breeze and dipping in the water, the resort also offered kayaking, banana boat ride and island hopping for a fee. You can check the prices at the registration area. I came there just to relax and to have my own quiet time, thus, trying those paid activities were not in my mind at all.


Sunset is one of the marvelous motions of nature, and most people are being captivated by its awestruck warm hues. The transition of light seem to transport everyone who watch it to a bewitching world.

Studies have concluded that awing at a setting sun can bring a lifetime satisfaction, not to mention its hypnotizing effect and picturesqueness.

Sunset is a farewell music and a kiss for the night.
Ternate Beach can top the list of beaches with a good spot to witness an enchanting horizon; where the sky meets the sea.

Sunset gives opportunity to appreciate every day. No matter how hard you’ve been through all day, it ends gracefully with a promise of a new dawn.

My sole time with the waves allowed me to contemplate the things that sorely matter to me. Moreover, ’twas an opportune time to open my mind and see things in a wider lens.


  • Fees and prices are based on the time of writing.
  • Precooked meals are not available in the resort, but they sell snack and drinks.
  • Bringing liquor is limited to only one bottle with a corkage.
  • Keep your receipt for inspection upon exit.

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