During summer, there’s always this joke “drawing” that means a planned outing that never happens – it’s just a mere plan. I’ve been there. Haha! 

To break the curse, my collegemates painted a quick getaway to one of the underrated resorts in Bataan. I always loved to get involved in the planning for every outdoor adventure with my friends, but not on this one due to my occupied schedule. I’m sorry, folks.

We travelled (9PM) by a private coaster all the way from Bulacan to Bagac, Bataan. The traverse took almost 4 hours (It was 1AM when we arrived).

As we arrived to the resort, we occupied a cottage at the beach front; we pitched our tents and slumbered for the night.

Early in the morning, whilst I was sleeping in my tent, my friends wandered around the resort to relish the fresh dawn, and of course, to take beautiful pictures of the place. Thanks for not waking me up! 

Credits to the owner.
Credits to the owner.

To make this trip worthwhile and more exciting, we decided to go for island hopping for only Php 1,400 good for 7 persons. Two boats were offered to us since only 7 persons could fit a boat.

Everyone’s excitement hyped as the boat sliced the clear water towards the hidden beauty of Stella Mariz. Our drift on the water took almost 25 minutes.

Sounds of glee from the other guests became louder as our boat moved closer to the shore.

Cliff jumping and cool waters were the allures of this side trip; you can also be amazed by the amazing rock formations. The water is beyond human height, so, life vest is paramount.

Mandatory that it is, taking an underwater shot is something I should never miss. I owe my friend a coffe for his patience (in taking multiple shots) Haha! Though, I’m not a professional diver, and I can’t hold my breath that long, I always aim to dive to see the hidden world deep within the ocean. It’s a fun thing to do, though.

“No one can fathom the depths of His love”.
We stayed in the island for only 2 hours, and sailed back to the resort for lunch.


After washing up, our group quickly decided to sojourn the historical landmark in the province — the Mt. Samat Shrine (Dambana ng Kagitingan), situated near the resort. This spur-of-the-moment sidetrip was so awesome because of the stunning views and its historical impact, but I couldn’t forget the terrifying zig-zag road towards the mountain top.

The ride took about 2 hours to reach the peak of Mt. Samat.

Mt. Samat was used as the bastion of the valiant Filipino and American soldiers who fought against the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II (1942). However, after months of fatal combat, thousands of the falling soldiers succumbed to the Japanese and were led (by the Japanese) to 80-mile walk. This epoch called “The Fall of Bataan” since then.

“To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child”. -Cicero

More often, learning the history of the province you visit is one highlight of every travel. I was so glad for the opportune time to learn more about the history of Bataan Province for it somehow fortify my self-regard as a Filipino.

We couldn’t help, but consume our camera storage with awesome shots. Nice murals, 360 degree view of the whole province and ancient statues are perfect ingredients for an instagram-worthy shots. If I were to rate the place, I would give A+.

“Behind every door is the stories of the past”.

To reach home early, we left for Manila at around 5 in the afternoon. Traveling with crazy fellows is absolutely fun. I’m looking forward to our next escapade.

📍 From Cubao ride a bus (Bataan Transit, Five Star Bus) going to Balanga, Bataan. P200-P250.

📍Ride a jeep from Balanga to Bagac Market. P50.

📍From Market, hire a tricycle going to Stella Mariz Resort. P150 (Good for 3-4 pax).
•Entrance fee: P100 Overnight, P50 Daytime

•Cottage: P400

•Bring your own food.

•Cooking is allowed.

•Tent pitching is free.

•Bon fire is prohibited

Fares and fees are based on the time of writing.